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2013-02-11 - National Security Civil Aviation Quality Control Programme

In accordance with the provisions of the National Security Civil Aviation Quality Control Programme, hereby we would like to inform you that the Agency has established a confidential system for analysis of all information provided by passengers, crew members and other persons, which is related to civil aviation security system. Therefore, we invite you to report any possible incident or irregularity identified in the civil aviation security system. We also invite you to send us any observation and proposal for improvement of the civil aviation security system of Montenegro. All reports, including anonymous ones, will be analyzed and checked.   Should you have any report, proposal or observation you may contact us at the address below:   Civil Aviation Agency Oktobarske revolucije 130 Security Department Fax: +381 20 625 517 Email: kpavicevic@caa.me 

R E A L   T I M E   M E T E O



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